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Capital Markets Collaborative Network

"The vision of the network is to position Northern Ireland as a global centre of excellence for R&D in Capital Markets Engineering."

Northern Ireland may not have a stock exchange or a real-life trading floor, but it does have a growing cluster of companies in the Capital Markets technology sector. In recent years we have seen continued investments and expansions by international firms such as Citi, Fidessa, NYSE Technologies and indigenous companies including First Derivatives which all provide technology solutions and consulting services to the Capital Markets industry.

In addition Northern Ireland has 11 globally recognised ICT related research centres including the Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (ECIT) at Queen’s University of Belfast and the Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC) at University of Ulster. With support from Invest Northern Ireland, these founding companies, along with the two University research centres have come together to create the Capital Markets Collaborative Network. This is a key initiative working in partnership to strengthen the research base and graduate skills within Northern Ireland.

Each of the companies involved in the network has previously worked individually with one or both universities, but this is the first time they have collectively used their combined effort in an organised network.

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