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About Us

Adrian TonerCOO of First Derivatives

The CMCN is a key component when building a sustainable and competitive capital markets industry in Northern Ireland. Such collaboration puts Northern Ireland on the map in terms of R&D and graduate skills. These considerations are front and centre for capital markets firms when considering near shore locations.

Stephen WrayCommercial Director, ECIT Institute

CMCN unites stakeholders around a common purpose of building a global innovation hub in capital markets engineering for Northern Ireland. As a technology research institute, it is imperative that ECIT are informed by the industries we serve, we are therefore delighted to be part of CMCN and we look forward to working with partners to develop innovative new solutions to the emerging challenges for the Capital Markets Industry.

Tony McManusFormer Head of Operations, NYSE Technologies

This PhD programme is a great example of the unique collaboration between international companies and world recognised university research centres. In collaboration we will address the grand challenges that face our industry, like how to process huge volumes of complex data in real time so as to improve trading, market surveillance, compliance and risk management.

Padraig CanavanFormer CEO of Singularity, Derry

This is a key initiative working in partnership to strengthen the research base and graduate skills within Northern Ireland. Each of the companies involved in the project has previously worked individually with one or both universities, but this is the first time we have collaborated in this manner to maximise impact.